In 2010 Energea Engineering, the Energea Group’s research and development company, begun to study how to exploit the solar energy as a renewable resource, this path led to the realization of a cutting edge system in order to produce energy saving fossil fuels: this is Solar Power System.
The core of this system is the innovative photovoltaic-thermal hybrid panel, wholly developed by Energea Engineering, in collaboration with the Physics Department of the University of Ferrara and with Istituto Giordano. This panel allows the simultaneous production of electric energy and hot sanitary water, and a surplus of thermal energy which can be used in accordance to the customer’s needs.
This panel, patented in 2011, has a refrigerating coil in order to produce hot water and to cool photovoltaic cells: as a consequence electric efficiency increases. In addition to this coil, there are two heat-pipe evacuated tubes which provide high temperature hot water that can be used together with the one coming from the coil and/or in order to produce other types of energy.

The Solar Power System is a photovoltaic-thermal hybrid panel, born from the research and innovation of Energea Engineering, which produce electricity, hot sanitary water and high temperature hot water using solar energy. This is an all-in-one PVT panel.

SPS is an innovative system to produce electricity and hot water (sanitary at medium temperatures and at high temperatures), this aim can be achieved installing only one type of solar panel: if you install the SPS, you won’t need a photovoltaic and a solar thermal plant to satisfy your needs anymore.
Using this system in private houses you can fill any requirement of hot sanitary water, rooms heating and electrical energy. In the industrial field the SPS allow to save a lot of energy.
For example, a factory which has a correctly dimensioned SPS plant could produce:
Electric energy in order to satisfy part of its requirements, if there’s a surplus of energy it could be feed in the network accessing the “Feed-in” tariff.
Hot water will be available during the whole year: from May to September it will be guaranteed by the middle temperature section, in the wintertime hot water will be provided by the evacuated tubes which work even in harsh weather.
If there is a long period with bad weather and harsh temperatures it will be luckily not to reach the right temperature, in this case electric energy from photovoltaic panels could be used for this goal. Even in this extraordinary situation the electric energy balance will be positive, for the benefit of the society and the environment.
Solar cooling, electricity or thermal energy for industrial processes: from May to September, when the cooling coil supplies hot water needs, the surplus of thermal energy could be used in order to increase the global efficiency.

SPS module is made of four parts:
Photovoltaic panel: It is an highly reliable and efficient panel with monocrystalline cells in order to have the best performance.
Hot sanitary water coil: Behind the photovoltaic panel there is an aluminium coil in which flows a working fluid which take the heat away from the panel and release it to the sanitary water in an thermal store (boiler).
High temperature water collectors: On both sides of the panel there is one heat-pipe evacuated tube, on the first hand to produce high temperature hot water (100°C temperature can be reached), on the second hand in order to guarantee hot sanitary water supply when outdoor temperature is too low and the back coil does not warm enough the sanitary water.
Control system: It is designed ad hoc in order to monitor and control each parameter of the plant.


SPS panels could be laid down on an horizontal or inclined area with a southern exposure (roof, terrace, field). If the tilt angle of the area is not optimal, they will be installed with appropriate support structures.
We use well-established installation techniques and technologies, this is a guarantee of reliability and ease to assembling.
The photovoltaic part of the panel is linked to the electricity network with common devices (inverters, control systems, energy meters, etc…)
The back coil (medium temperature part) is linked to a thermal store with a well-established active system.
The evacuated tubes (high temperature part) is connected to valves in order to direct the flow to the thermal store (if there is hot sanitary water requirement in wintertime) or to a recovery energy system. Customized configurations could be designed.
There is an electronic control system expressly conceived to manage different parts of the plant and to monitor operative parameters of the Solar Power System, using several sensors. Our trained technicians could easily set the control system in order to fit the customer’s requirements, anytime it is needed.

Electric and thermal energy productions are guarantee for 20 years.
Installing SPS you can access the Feed-in tariff for the photovoltaic part, and the tax deduction for the thermal part.
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